Celebrating our 25th Year

Screen time addiction is fast becoming an epidemic of gigantic proportions affecting not just youth, but adults as well. Children with impulse control challenges, executive functioning struggles, attention deficits and hyperactivity are especially prone to technology addiction, and it can have severe and long-lasting negative impacts.

Screen time has proven to be a major struggle for many Bridges students, and the scientific research coming out on the topic suggests the school is not alone in seeing this troublesome trend.

“At Bridges, we use technology as a tool – not a toy”

Margo, 7th grade student

Our Technology Policies

In light of this, and the increasing challenges of managing technology devices that are not owned by Bridges, the school no longer uses student-owned iPads at school. Instead, Bridges provides school-owned iPads, Chromebooks and desktop computers available for student use as needed in classrooms. Assistive technology is integrated throughout the curriculum, along with other necessary accommodations that support learning, growth, and measures of proficiency.

Student-owned devices are not allowed at school

Students may drop off their cell phone or other digital devices (iPad, laptop, gaming devices, music players, etc.) at the front desk upon entering the school. These items are kept securely behind the front desk during school hours and returned to students when they are dismissed each day.

Bridges strongly encourages families to consider limiting or discontinuing screen time/tech use at home

Please refer to the below resource list for more information on why this may be a good idea for your family. As always, Bridges’ top priority is the wellbeing, vitality and growth of our students, and we are grateful to work with our families as a team to support their success in school and at home. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.