Celebrating our 25th Year


Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $28,000 and includes all activities, supplies, technology management and field-trip fees. Since our opening in 1998, Bridges’ Board of Directors has been committed to offering substantial Financial Aid funds each year in order to make a Bridges education more affordable for our families and dedicates 10% of it’s annual operating budget each year to fulfilling this promise. 

This critical funding comes from individual and corporate donations, grants, and fundraising events, in large part through our Annual Auction. Without these funding sources, yearly tuition would be out of reach for 35% of Bridges families that benefit from Financial Aid each year.

Note: You’ll need a NelNet account to apply.

Tuition Refund Insurance

All families choosing payment plan B (four payments) or C (ten payments) will be required to pay an additional fee of 2.2% of annual tuition to enroll in our Tuition Refund Insurance Plan. Your financial obligation to the school is for the full annual tuition as stated in the school’s enrollment contract. Download Tuition Refund Plan brochure here (PDF).

  • The school cannot refund tuition or cancel unpaid obligations if your child is forced to withdraw during the academic year. If your son or daughter withdraws, the Tuition Refund Plan will pay benefits (subject to the terms of the policy and the amount insured) to the school, which provides substantial assistance in meeting your financial obligation. 
  • More information will be made available upon acceptance. 
  • For students entering mid-year, the deposit and tuition are pro-rated.

Potential Tax-Deduction For Special Education Tuition 

In some cases, Bridges’ tuition can be deducted as a medical expense from taxes. Please download this document to learn more about the IRS regulations for tax-deductibility of special education tuition to see if this may apply to your family. Consult your attorney or tax professional. Definitions of which children qualify as dependents also change from year to year, so always check the latest information.